"World's Youngest Author to be published by Penguin Random House"

Canadian Author and Illustrator

Chryseis Knight is officially the world's youngest author to be published by the internationally renowned publishing firm Penguin Random House. Chryseis Knight learned how to read at age one. 
Reading is her favorite thing to do and as she puts it, "bedtime stories are my best friends".

The best books, according to this child author, are the popular American classics.
She wrote The Great Big Lion, a board book perfect for bedtime stories when she was three years old and Capturing Thunder a book to help kids build confidence and overcome fears in early childhood. To her, writing is a fun and easy thing to do.
This Canadian author and illustrator hope that she can inspire little children and young readers, all around the world to embrace the magic in books.

Always complete what you start.

Chryseis Knight, born in Singapore in 2014, grew up in Dubai and is currently residing in Canada. Chryseis was assessed gifted and was inducted into MENSA at the age of 2. For the last few years, she has been writing journals, short stories, novels, and poetry. Her book, "The Great Big Lion" and "Capturing Thunder" won the hearts of many across the globe, including Penguin Random House. In 2019, she signed a publishing deal with Penguin Random House for the rights to publish the board book version of "The Great Big Lion" in North Asia. This led her to become the World's Youngest Author to be published by the internationally renowned publishing firm Penguin Random House. Besides reading and writing, she enjoys puzzles and is passionate about art including sketching nature.

CHRYSEIS  KNIGHT Author and Illustrator
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Chryseis initially wrote this story in her notebook. She then shared the story with her family.

With the help of her mother, they went on to illustrate her book.



Chryseis’ story gives us an insight to the innocence of her experiences, emotions and thoughts. It inspires us to reflect on relationships through the lens of a child, whether intentional or otherwise, around the importance of being inclusive, embracing differences and accepting diversity.



The handwritten font used in this book is relatable to children and is aimed at creating interest in reading. The font sizes were selected to bring about an engaging story-telling experience with a touch of fun.

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Capturing Thunder is a children's book that encourages children to take the first step in confronting their fears. Written by Chryseis Knight, the author of The Great Big Lion, Capturing Thunder dives into the early childhood fears of thunderstorms particularly the Roar, Rumble, Clap, Crackle sounds associated with thunder.

The main character in this book is Little Bear who is, as you guessed it, quite afraid of thunder. One day during a thunderstorm, he hides under his bed, calling out to his dad. Together, they both embark on a magical adventure to meet Thunder himself!

This is a great book that addresses social themes around self-confidence, character building and overcoming fear.

Capturing Thunder is an easy fiction read, styled as a picture book making it perfect for little ones.

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Chryseis Knight is very passionate in writing picture books and board books that inspire children. She  has written The Great Big Lion and Capturing Thunder. Today, she is reinventing herself and writing chapter books as well as she wants to make them into films.

Her books are an easy read that combines art and educational play through patterns, counting & opposites, all wrapped in a cute "adventure time" for your little ones.

If you have school children fascinated with nature & the animal kingdom and or exploring ways to build confidence in early childhood, The Great Big Lion and Capturing Thunder are the best children's book for children readers. 

I would love to hear your favorite read, bedtime story or short story!


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